Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zoe's New Wagon

Zoe having a ride while signing "mommy" meaning "mommy- go faster- I want more bumps!"

This weekend we went to Hamilton to buy Zoe a wagon- it is a very fancy wagon as you can see from the picture with pads and a canopy (it also has a rain/wind cover and sleigh runners to replace the wheels in winter). Much fancier than anything we had as kids! The pads and canopy are great so that if Zoe falls to the side or arches backward, they are there to cushion her fall. We found the wagon at Sears but then found someone in Hamilton selling it for half price brand new out of the box. So we visited where Gavin grew up and bought the wagon. Zoe LOVES wagons (we discovered this on our recent trip to Edmonton when she was riding around in her cousins' wagon). It was really nice to spend the weekend doing fun family things. Now that Gavin works some weekends, we take advantage of the weekends we have together as a family.