Sunday, June 26, 2011

That was Then, This is Now

Who Does Ailsa Look Like?

We get asked this a lot. Zoe looked so much like Gavin, people never seemed to ask. It looks to us that Ailsa is looking more and more like Zoe as time goes on. When I look at them, I can see that they are sisters. We took some photos of Ailsa today in the same outfit and on the same chair that we took pictures of Zoe when she was around the same size...not the same age as you will see but the same size.

Ailsa at six weeks old.

Zoe at six months old.

Zoe at five months.

Ailsa at six weeks.

Unfortunately we weren't able to get any pictures of Zoe looking forward at the camera. Most of the pictures from this photo session look like this- with Zoe screaming her head off. Poor tortured child- why couldn't she just sit still so her crazy parents could take at least 50 pictures of the same thing? Got to love digital cameras...

Sign for Ailsa

We have been holding off assigning a sign for Ailsa. We are hoping Zoe will come up with one. She has come up with several signs for important people in her life including "girl" for her main teacher Alison and "boy" for her teacher Anthony. After much encouragement, she did a scratchy beard sign for her teacher Moe. Even Uncle Andy (who only visited for one night last November) got a sign- the letters "A N." Some of our friends don't care too much for the signs they were given like "boy smells good" for one friend and "hurt lip" for another. But hey- we can't control Zoe's signs!

So far Zoe signs "mommy baby" and sometimes "mommy baby all done" for Ailsa. Not sure if she is calling her mommy's baby or saying the baby that was inside mommy and is all done being there. The other night we talked about coming up with a different sign for Ailsa and Zoe kept signing her word for Ailsa being hungry (biting first two fingers) and baby. After discussing how Ailsa will not always be a baby, Zoe signed for a few minutes before we realized she was asking us a question. We finally figured out that Zoe was asking/saying when Ailsa is all done being a baby, she will still be Zoe's sister. To which we said, "Yes, of course. Ailsa will always be your sister." So then Zoe started calling Ailsa "hungry sister" instead of "hungry baby."

Hmmm, we might keep working on that sign since I am not sure how Ailsa will feel about being called the hungry sister when she is going through that awkward adolescent phase.

Missing Zoe

Writing on the blog tonight was my way of going through cute pictures of both my girls because I am really missing Zoe tonight. Gavin is working all weekend and I am studying for my Canadian Citizenship test so we decided to have Zoe go to Safehaven/ The Zoe Hotel for the weekend. I know that Zoe has a great time there but I still really miss her when she is not home. I miss seeing and hearing her around the house. I miss kissing and holding her. I miss our conversations that constantly blow my mind with how clever my little girl is. And I missed tucking her into bed tonight. But after waiting four years to take this test, I want to make sure I am prepared. And it is difficult enough finding any study time with taking care of Ailsa all weekend.

When I talk to Zoe on the phone, she just laughs and I can hear her playing with her toys in the background. So I know she is having a good time.

So, goodnight Zoe. I love you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Helpful Big Sister


Just as we predicted, Zoe has been an amazing big sister. She does a great job letting us know when Ailsa is crying and Zoe wants us to pick her up (as if we couldn't hear Ailsa screaming her head off- wow can she cry loudly!) Zoe does a great job sharing her toys and loves to touch Ailsa's head and hands. Before Ailsa was born, Zoe was convinced Ailsa would come out walking and has been disappointed that this was not true. So lately I have been holding Ailsa up and fake walking her which Zoe thinks is just hilarious. Zoe has also generously offered for Ailsa to use her walker when I have explained that Ailsa's legs are too weak to walk on her own. Good thinking, Zoe- great idea since your walker helps you but I think Ailsa might just be a little too small yet.

Ailsa Wants to Eat

The other night Ailsa was being fussy when I was trying to nurse her so I decided to put her down, eat my own dinner, and then try again. While I was at the table with Zoe, Zoe kept signing something I couldn't quite make out. Zoe was signing something about me, then biting her fingers, and something about Ailsa. I thought she was saying Ailsa was crying (she was) and I was mad at her. But after a few minutes we figured out Zoe was saying she could tell Ailsa was hungry because she was eating her hand so she needed mommy's milk. We had been talking the other day about what it could mean when Ailsa cries- how can you tell if she is hungry vs tired vs bored. I guess Zoe was really paying attention and has figured out that when she is rooting on her fingers, she wants to nurse. Zoe is so smart and caring, it is sweet to see how she is trying to help us take care of Ailsa.

Father's Day

Gavin had to work on Sunday, so the girls decided to celebrate Father's day with him on Saturday instead. We had a great day at the park that has a splash pad. Zoe is really loving being outside now (which is a huge change from the days where she would be overwhelmed if we even opened the curtains in the house). Zoe did a great job signing "water" when she wanted to run around in the water and a very clear "all done" and "cold" when she was finished.

We then headed home for a delicious phone ordered meal of pizza. When discussing if we would go out to eat, eat at home, or just get a pizza, Zoe immediately smiled and laughed at the idea of pizza. So how could Gavin say no to that even if he didn't necessarily want pizza?