Thursday, August 12, 2010

We're Back!

A Great Trip

We had a fantastic time away. It was great to see all the other families at conference. Check out Whitney's blog (on the right) to see summaries of some of the presentations or Alayna's blog to see pictures of most of the kids. There is a cute one of Zoe.

After conference we rented a car and went to the Arches National Park. It was gorgeous. And Zoe did so well despite the warm and sunny weather. She was drinking water like a champ.

We ended the trip with a 3 day train ride from Salt Lake City to Buffalo. Zoe loved the train and kept signing "train." When the train made stops, Zoe walked around on the platform. Initially she had a hard time not trying to throw herself under the train but she quickly learned to listen. We were very impressed that just by saying (while signing) "no yellow line" Zoe would immediately stop and go the other direction. She really does listen well, especially for a 3 year old!

Photos To Come

We have tons of photos (over 300!) to sort through and then we will post some. It really was a great trip.

Little Cow-Girl

One thing I wanted to comment on was our discovery of Zoe's love of country music! While driving the to Arches we got stuck in traffic. Zoe was getting fussy in the back so we tried finding some music on the radio. When we stopped on the country station, Zoe immediately stopped crying and was quiet. As soon as the song ended, she would fuss until we found another country song. And not just any country- she didn't want any modern, not so country sounding music. She wanted good old fashioned "yee haw" twangy country. It was hilarious!

Just Too Excited!

Gavin's dad came for a visit the day after we got back and Zoe was beside herself with excitement to see him. He has grown his beard out and Zoe is just loving it. It was great to see her recognize him and get so excited.

To add to the excitement- today is the first day back at school! Zoe had a bit of a restless night and we think it was because she was so excited about school. She was laughing, smiling, and signing school as soon as I got her up this morning.

Zoe was very restless in the car and complaining (apparently I was taking too long to get to school!) As soon as I put Zoe in her walker, she raced into her school room. Some of her friends came over to get kisses and hugs and ask her how her break was. Zoe walked all over the room touching everything while smiling and laughing to herself. It was very cute. And great to see just how much she really does love school.