Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween and Snow

 Zoe made it to school for her Halloween parade.  She was out of hospital on the Wednesday, pissed we kept her home on the Thursday (how dare we!) and very happy to get there on Friday for all the Halloween parties.  Ailsa picked out the pretty white dresses for their princess costumes.  Zoe was a unicorn princess, Ailsa was a butterfly case you can't tell.  The woman in the photo is Zoe's teacher this year.  So far we are really happy with the class Zoe is in.  They understand Zoe and allow for lots of physical activity during the day but push her academically as well.  So it is a good fit.

 Here in Canada we put our kids to work early.  Everyone pitches in to shovel the snow!

 Ailsa and her "Zo-man."  Zoe had already left for school when we made a snowman so Ailsa called it the Zoe snowman or "Zo-man."

The Ailsa snowman was sitting on Uncle Angus' caravan.  Uncle Angus is visiting from Calgary.  The girls love having him around to play with.  

Zoe Health Update

Zoe is doing well....mostly well.  She is back at school and very happy about that.  Zoe still fatigues easily but she falls asleep when she needs to.  Sometimes in her wheelchair, sometimes on the floor.  She has even fallen asleep in her walker!  

Unfortunately, Zoe has another g-tube infection.  She is having a lot of pain and the site looks nasty.  I brought her to the doctor's on Friday and she started antibiotics.  This is the 4th course of antibiotics in the past 7 weeks (twice for g-tube and twice for bladder infections).  I asked her doctor if there is anything else we can do to prevent infection.  She said that in children with Zoe's type of immune system, infections like this are inevitable.  All we can do is try to catch them early so they do not turn in to more serious infections.