Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Zoe Graduates 8th Grade!!!!

 Congratulations, Zoe- we are so proud of you!!!!!

Zoe was very excited to go to school for her ceremony.  We were not allowed to go but we had a live link so we could watch and cheer Zoe on.  Ailsa is still doing virtual school so she was able to watch with us.  Grandma Sheena was able to watch all the way from British Columbia!  And Grandad Alan was able to watch from his condo 5 mins away.  Zoe loved hearing their voices.  

Zoe was awarded the music award.  She was very proud of herself and kept talking/ vocalizing the entire time her teacher was talking about her.  It was pretty funny.  You can't keep that girl quiet when she has something to say.

Gavin had a major health scare recently and that was really hard (obviously!).  Covid restrictions made things even harder for their girls since they could not see daddy for three weeks. With Gavin being critically ill and the news that another one of the 1p36 children we hold close in our hearts has died, we really appreciate these moments of celebration.  It is so hard to believe Zoe is going to highschool next year!  There have been scary times when we didn't think she would make it to graduation but here she is- beautiful, strong and amazing.  And we are so very grateful for that.

Recently I read an article about Howie Mandel and his mental health struggles.  He said something that really resonated:
"I'm broken.  But this is my reality.  I know there is going to be darkness again- and I cherish every moment of light."

We have been so very lucky in this life to have Zoe and two other amazing girls.  And many bright moments of light.  

Friday, April 30, 2021

Oh no, more bad news from Gavin. Then some good.

Gavin here.  I had yet another health crisis recently- I had a major and totally random intestinal bleed and was in hospital for 20 days. I required 19 blood transfusions during this time.  And then it stopped, without identifying where the bleed actually was.  And through it all my wonderful, amazing wife kept everything going. I am recovering now- no more bleeding but still not at my best. That's the bad then the good- yet another random health scare followed by me recovering. And the the gitls are amazing. It was so hard on everyone, with the Covid restrictions (no visitors).  

The good- my amazing family, my wonderful wife. 

The bad- another instance of my body letting me down, and making me feel it just isn't cut out for living in this world. What random and rare medical condition will strike me next, and when?   

But in the meantime I can only marvel at how lucky I am to have the life and the family I do.  So lucky.