Monday, September 4, 2017

Easter Seals Family Camp....It Was Awesome!!!!

There were so many wonderful activities.  Here are all three girls at pottery. 

The girls went swimming every day.  Sometimes they were in the lake and sometimes the pool.  We even went to the beach one day.  The girls got to go in a canoe with Gavin to get to the beach while Willow and I drove over.  The councillors at the camp were surprised at how much Zoe loved the water.  We told them she loved it but they just could not believe how her face lit up and she was moving her arms and legs the entire time her body was in water.  At the end of camp, they gave out awards and Zoe got the "Fabulous Fish" award!

It was great to see Zoe feeling so well.  She was laughing and smiling most of the time.  Both girls were comfortable going off with councillors on their own.  It was great to see them being so independent.  We hope one day Zoe can go to the overnight camp on her own.  For now, Zoe's health needs close monitoring by people who know her well so family camp was the perfect option- she got to have all the fun of camp and some independence while we gave her meds and kept an eye on her health and comfort.  She required medication to treat her rash and pain medication every day to stay comfortable but it worked.  Look at that big grin!

Both girls tried archery.  Every activity is set up to be accessible for people of all abilities.  Ailsa felt confident to go off on her own without feeling that she had to keep an eye on Zoe.  We were glad to see both girls pick what activities they wanted to try out.  Most of the time they picked the same, but sometimes they split up.  There was a little girl around Ailsa's age that we know from her brother going to school with Zoe.  Ailsa and this little girl had a great time running around with each other and their favourite councillor Jaz (Jaz is in the picture above).  For her award at the end of camp, Ailsa got a painting that says "Friends" and this other little girl got the one that said "Best" on it.  They were together so often that one of the parents thought she was our child.  She thought we had four girls!  It was great to see Ailsa run off on her own, making her own friends knowing that Zoe was doing her own thing and taken care of.  

Family camp was an awesome way to end the summer.