Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing with my Sister

It has been a difficult couple of months with Gavin recovering from his major surgery and me taking care of three people.  But Gavin is feeling much better and able to do more now.  He even returned to work in August.  He is working part time and hopes to increase his hours soon.  I have been very tired and burnt out this past month.  I figured I would wear down at some point so none of us were too surprised when it happened.  Thankfully during this busy period, Zoe has been in excellent health!  Everyone who knows Zoe says how great she looks right now.  She even put on a little weight which brings her up to a whopping 12 kg/ almost 26 1/2 pounds! 

Both of the girls have been doing great with so much change and stress in our lives.  They are both growing to be confident and loving little girls and it is such a pleasure to just sit and watch them play.  Ailsa has been missing Zoe since school started last week.  When Zoe got off the bus today, Ailsa went right over to her on the ground, gave her a big hug, waved her hand in her face and then pushed a toy at her.  It is very sweet to see how well they play together and how they interact.  They have even started signing to each other and sometimes I don't get the joke.  The other day at dinner, Ailsa signed "work" and Zoe just laughed and laughed and Ailsa laughed in return.  I asked, "What's the joke?  I don't get?" to which they just laughed harder. 

We are all hoping for a great school year with Zoe being well enough to attend most days.  Many 1p36 parents feel a bit of dread when winter approaches since it often means chest infections and more illness.  But we are being very hopeful that Zoe will have a better winter this year.  And if she does get sick, it is reassuring that vein access will not be an issue with her port in place.

 Zoe and Ailsa love to share this toy.  Zoe is in charge of pushing the button to start the music and ball blower.  Ailsa is in charge of catching the balls and putting them back in the toy.  I love how they came up with this by themselves.  They instinctively knew how to play to each other's strengths.

 This was a favourite summer activity on a hot day.  Both girls would end up soaked by the end of it.

So, here's to a great school year and a fantastic winter!