Friday, April 30, 2021

Oh no, more bad news from Gavin. Then some good.

Gavin here.  I had yet another health crisis recently- I had a major and totally random intestinal bleed and was in hospital for 20 days. I required 19 blood transfusions during this time.  And then it stopped, without identifying where the bleed actually was.  And through it all my wonderful, amazing wife kept everything going. I am recovering now- no more bleeding but still not at my best. That's the bad then the good- yet another random health scare followed by me recovering. And the the gitls are amazing. It was so hard on everyone, with the Covid restrictions (no visitors).  

The good- my amazing family, my wonderful wife. 

The bad- another instance of my body letting me down, and making me feel it just isn't cut out for living in this world. What random and rare medical condition will strike me next, and when?   

But in the meantime I can only marvel at how lucky I am to have the life and the family I do.  So lucky.