Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abbie W. tries out Zoe's pony

Hi all,

at the conference our friend Abbie (well, maybe more Abbie's mom Kim) wanted to try out Zoe's walker. So here she is, giving it her best (it was the end of a long day and it was her first time in it- you can see how much it wore her out!) Kim asked us to post the video so she could show it to her physiotherpaist with the hope of getting Abbie a similar walker- maybe next year at conference Zoe and Abbie can chase each other around!

(FYI, the song is "These Boots are made for Walking' by Nancy Sinatra :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're Home!

We're Home!

We have a busy week with lots of appointments for Zoe, so we won't get around to posting pics and info about our trip for a few days. One of our first things we want to post is the video of Abbie in Zoe's walker so Kim can show it to her PT. We are working on it Kim and will have that up and running soon!

Until then, check out Alayna's blog for great pictures of most of the kids. Angie did a great job getting individual pictures of a lot of the kids (I have to say, that Zoe kid is a real cutie). Unfortunately, our camera was out of batteries, so we did not get very many pictures at the conference. For info about the speakers, go to Whitney's blog. Nate did an awesome job of summarizing all the speakers so the people who could not be at conference still get all the info. Thank you both for being so on top of documenting another great conference!

Zoe's Tea Party Total

Zoe raised $508 Canadian/ $459 US!!!!!!!

We were excited to raise so much so quickly. We realize we did not give people very much time this year to contribute due to dealing with Zoe's lung issues right before the trip. But thank you, thank you, thank you to those that did. And for those that didn't- don't worry there is always next year!

Zoe's Appointments

Zoe saw opthomolgy yesterday. All is the same as three months ago. Her eye dryness is not getting any worse but not getting better. So the plan is still to put in tear duct plugs in November when she is already asleep for her MRI. Her regular eye doctor is not available at that time but will have another doctor do the surgery for him. Gavin met the other doctor yesterday and said he was nice enough so we feel comfortable with this plan. This is not a complex surgery so it should go smoothly in November.

Zoe also saw her pediatrician yesterday for some ongoing issues (I am not going to go into detail until we get some test results- it is no use speculating about what could be with Zoe, we are far too busy with what actually is to focus on what ifs). Great news is that Zoe has gained a little more in height again so that means she has gained a whole inch in the last 6 months! She also gained a few ounces while we were away so she is up to 19 pounds, 3 ounces! What a fatty! Other great news is that Zoe stayed well the entire trip!!!! This made the trip so much easier and we had such a great time. We could tell her pediatrician was so happy to see Zoe well yesterday and to hear she stayed well for the past three weeks. Even more great news- Zoe's lungs sounded great and clear!

Zoe sees dentistry for the first time this morning and then has to get some blood tests and a chest xray to check on a few things that have been going on. Unfortunately, I can't be there with her since I am having some health issues of my own and had to see my own doctor this morning. All is fine with me. I just get to look forward to yet another pelvic ultrasound. Yippee!

I wish I could be there with Zoe and Gavin this morning since I know that it will be upsetting for Zoe to have her teeth looked at and cleaned. And she hates going into the plastic tube that they use to stabilize her for the chest xray. I just hope that they are able to get her blood since she continues to be a very challenging stick. We promised her we will take her swimming if she gets home in enough time before she has OT this afternoon. For now, I am supposed to be resting. So that is what I am going to do. Well that and pull out Zoe's next size in clothes. She has gone up a whole size in the last few weeks! We want to make sure she has a cute outfit to wear for her first day of "big girl" school on Thursday. Can you believe she starts Preschool on Thursday...where did my baby go?