Friday, October 2, 2015

First Day of School and Other Fun Days

Zoe started 3rd grade this year!!!!  Ailsa started Kindergarten!

 Zoe and Ailsa- first day of school.  The girls picked their own colour coordinating outfits.  Zoe thought it was so funny to wake Ailsa up in the morning!  Normally we shushed her to let Ailsa get extra sleep.

Ailsa all ready to go to school.  I can't believe this was my baby!  Ailsa is doing great with the transition although she was a little confused why mommy was crying...

Another Great Day!

An amazing organization called "Million Dollar Smiles" ( gave us a wonderful gift.  Our respite work, Alison put in an application for Zoe to receive a play structure in the backyard.  Zoe qualified and on September 13th, 25 volunteers showed up to build it in our back yard.  Despite the rain, the team worked hard to get it built by the afternoon when Zoe and Ailsa would arrive home to see the surprise.  Rogers was our sponsor- they paid for the build, the play structure, all the food, a mini picnic table and even a special needs swing!  And many of the volunteers were Rogers' employees.  Thank you Rogers!  And thank you everyone from Million Dollar Smiles!

 Zoe was feeling great that day and everyone loved seeing her face light up when she saw the play set.  There were definitely a few tears among the volunteers when Zoe was laughing and smiling on the swing.  They could see how much Zoe was going to enjoy her new backyard.

Ailsa took a little longer to warm up to the large crowd of people in our backyard but she was super excited about her new playhouse with two floors!  Both girls insist on playing in there whenever possible.  I have even had to do chest physio and administer night meds in the playhouse when Zoe is refusing to come inside!  How can I say no?  Enjoy the warm days while we still have them.

Zoe has been having a great month and we have been enjoying the last of the nice weather.  We spend what time we can in the backyard on the play set or eating outside on the deck.  The last few weeks give me hope that Zoe will have a better winter this year.  It is so great to see her smiles and hear her giggles again.  She has even put on a little (very little) bit of weight and has progressed with some of her eating skills- she can now finger feed herself!!!  This gives Zoe a lot of pleasure- she loves being independent   We hope she stays well and continues to develop- we can see how proud she is of herself.  Zoe has even pooped on the potty a few times when she asked to.  Amazing!  Imagine where she could be if she had a good long healthy stretch!