Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zoe's announcement

Hello everyone

Zoe wanted to make an announcement- it's the same one she has been making to anyone who will listen for the last couple of weeks. So, in Zoe's words, here it is-

For those of you who don't know ASL, what Zoe wants you to know is that "Mommy has a Baby in her Belly". Come May next year, Zoe is going to be a big sister! She is extremely excited about it, as are we. She has been going around signing this since we told her- she outed us to all her preschool teachers weeks ago. You'd think a non verbal kid could keep a secret!

Genevieve Adds:

Zoe has also come up with her own unique sign for throwing up. I don't actually know what the sign for throwing up is but chances are, it would not have been on my list to teach Zoe. In the beginning of the pregnancy, Zoe would get really upset when she would hear me being sick in the bathroom or if I suddenly left the room to be sick. I would return to wherever Zoe was and she would make a sad face and sign "mommy" while making a gagging sound. And I would say, "Yes, Zoe mommy was just sick." We told Zoe early on about the baby to reassure her that mommy was ok and that it was the baby making mommy sick but that is ok and normal.

Now, Zoe thinks it is quite amusing when I am sick. She will smile and sign "mommy" while gagging. I will say, "Yes, Zoe mommy was sick." She will laugh and sign "baby" and I will respond, "Yes, Zoe the baby is making mommy throw up." Which she just thinks is hilarious and will laugh and smile. Gee thanks Zoe, I am glad me being sick is so darn amusing! But I am really glad that me being sick is no longer worrying Zoe.

We have been showing Zoe pictures of fetal development and explaining "This isn't a picture of our baby, but what our baby might look like right now." When we got an ultrasound at nine weeks, we showed it to Zoe and explained that it was a picture of our baby. Zoe got very attached to the ultrasound and would ask to see the baby frequently for the first few days. She would laugh and smile when I pointed out the head, butt, and legs. Then we would tell her how the baby was waving its arms and legs around, having a party in mommy's belly and she would just laugh and laugh.

While Gavin and I were eating our lunch and Zoe was walking around in her walker she came over to us because we were looking at some pictures of her cousins. I showed her the pictures we were looking at and she got annoyed. Her grandad pointed out that maybe she wanted to see the ultrasound picture again. So I explained to Zoe, the picture of the baby is in the back of the house, I will get it later. Zoe immediately turned in her walker and started walking to the back of the house. Ok....I guess I will get that picture now!

Last cute story about Zoe and babies:

Zoe is struggling to understand that it will be a while before the baby gets here. She will frequently sign that mommy's turn with the baby is all done and it is Zoe's turn. Or she will ask to kiss the baby which I will offer my stomach but she pushes it away in frustration and signs baby.

We took Zoe to a doctor's appointment and in the waiting room there were newborn twins in car seats. Zoe immediately ran over to them and started rapidly signing, "Zoe baby, Zoe baby, Zoe baby." To which we had to explain, "No Zoe, those are not our babies. We aren't taking those babies home." Zoe was disappointed but handled the news well.

I have a feeling it is going to be a long wait until May!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Vote for 1p36!!!!!

We are voting again this month on the Pepsi challenge fundraiser. Please check it out and take a few minutes every day to vote. We are in 2nd place today!!!! Let's keep it up!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

One more cold

Zoe has got her cold back again. So she is snuffly and has an abundance of mucusy discharge from the nasal cavity (i.e. boogers). Not stopping her though- she's off at school today. So in September, she had two colds, one viral throat/hand infection, one ear infection that also effected her eyes and one weird viral rash that (thankfully) turned out to not be chicken pox. She had 11 medical appointments, including her OT/PT. Fortunately (I guess) I didn't have many work shifts at the hospital, so I wasn't working weekends that often. And best of all, my Dad Alan is still here to help out. Thanks Dad.

Now bring on October : )