Thursday, June 1, 2017

Zoe and Ailsa are Happy to Announce...

Willow Georgiana Ross
May 28th 3:59am
7 pounds 6 ounces
20.5 inches/ 52 cm

Zoe and Ailsa are so excited!  They want to hold, kiss, touch, love Willow constantly and are learning to be patient when Willow just wants to sleep, sleep, sleep.  Zoe is doing a great job slowing her body down and being gentle when touching Willow.  It takes a lot of muscle control for Zoe to move slowly so we know how hard she is trying.

Everyone is doing well.  Genevieve and Willow were able to come home hours after the birth.  Midwives are coming to the house to provide care.  It's been great- we can wrap ourselves in a little cocoon and just focus on getting rest and Willow learning how to nurse.  Gavin has to travel outside our cocoon to do the school drop off/ pick up, get groceries, etc but he is loving being off of work.  After Zoe and Ailsa, Gavin was not able to take much time off.  This time he is excited to take time and enjoy these early baby days.  They will go by so fast!