Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween Part 2

Haha, I will master this computer yet. All I have to do is commit 2-3 hours per post. That is reasonable, right? (PS Yes, Jason I will be taking you up on your offer to fix this!)

Zoe's Costume
Gavin had just had his hockey gear professionally cleaned. Sadly, Gavin has to hang up his hockey skates for the next while. His neurosurgeon says he will never be able to play again but I am hopeful that with time he will be able to play hockey safely. In the mean time, instead of leaving the gear stinking up the basement (which is what it has been doing since March 2012) Gavin had the gear professionally cleaned. I have never seen such shiny, new, good smelling gear in my life! Wow, that $80 was well worth it!

When Gavin brought his gear home the girls wanted to try it on. Zoe thought daddy's shoulder pads were hilarious. She was lying down on the floor and we tucked her head in and pretended she was a car driving around- and so the idea for the costume was born. Zoe loved the idea of wearing daddy's hockey gear and being able to bring her mustang walker to school. I don't think she really knows what Transformers are but she was excited.

Trying out the costume at home.

Zoe took being a transformer very seriously...

Ailsa carving her pumpkin with daddy. Ailsa helped Zoe pick out her gigantic pumpkin at the farm and then chose a small pumpkin for herself.

This is Zoe showing off her newest trick. She enjoys swiping her water cup off the table as she is walking around in her walker. She now has the coordination to grab it, drink from it and hold on to it. Pretty amazing!

Happy Halloween!!!

Silly computer will only let me load these three pictures.  I wanted to add one more of Ailsa decorating pumpkins and Zoe in her costume.  Oh well, perhaps later.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Now I am on Zoe 's IPad and it won't let me scroll down to put captions with pictures so I will write them here.

We went to a pumpkin farm to pick out our pumpkins this year.  The girls loved the wagon ride over to the patch and riding around in the wheelbarrow while looking for pumpkins.  Zoe loves the de-gooping part of pumpkin decorating.  After that, both girls lost interest.  Luckily daddy loves to carve pumpkins so he did so after the girls were in bed.

The other two pictures are from the Halloween parade at Zoe's school.  I love how much fun she is having with her class.  And of course Ailsa wanted to come along and walk in the parade.  Recognize Ailsa's costume?  Two years ago our friend Riann got us matching butterfly costumes for the girls since we were stuck in the hospital.  Last year Zoe wanted to wear the butterfly costume to school since she trick or treated at the hospital the year before but did not get to go to the parade at school.  This year Ailsa spontaneously said she wanted to be a butterfly and we were like, "Great, we've got that one covered!"

Zoe was a transformer this year.  We thought it was appropriate given the saying, " More than meets the eye."  That's our Zoe!  More about the costume idea when I post the next pictures.